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Phonak Slim Lumity

Technology level: 90
Design: Rechargeable
Color: Copper / Black
2.090 €
Price per ear
Hearing Aids side: Both

Included with every Hearing Aid Purchase:


Charger or 60 Batteries


High quality Cleaning Set


Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers


5 Adjustments included

Phonak Slim Lumity

The Phoank Slim keeps what its name promises! With an elegant nestles the Slim skillfully to the head shape. In addition, the hearing aids are shaped differently for the left and right ear, which further increases the wearing comfort. But the slim device also has a lot to offer technically, for example, it features improved sound quality compared to the popular Phonak Audéo Paradise.

  • multiple Bluetooth connectivity: make Bluetooth connections to multiple external devices to quickly and easily switch between them.
  • Health data: You can record your health data using the myPhonak app. This way, your hearing aid contributes to an active, healthy lifestyle.
  • Pedometers: The Phonak Slim can also record the number of steps you take. Set personal exercise goals and achieve them with the support of your hearing aids!
  • personalized noise reduction: For a more personalized listening experience, your hearing aid settings can be personalized. You can also control the level of noise reduction yourself to give you the best possible listening experience.
  • Rechargeability: The Slim can be recharged quickly and easily. Furthermore, it has a long battery life - so nothing stands in the way of your everyday life!

myPhonak App

Some of the features of the Phonak Slim are accessible via the myPhonak app. In it, you can easily adjust the settings, such as volume and program selection of your hearing aid, to your personal preferences and needs. You can also call up an overview of the wearing statistics and status information for your hearing aids. The latter provides information about the battery status, for example, and prevents unwanted hearing loss caused by an empty battery. Meanwhile, health data, such as your step count and exercise duration, can also be viewed in the app.

Phonak Slim Accessories

  • Roger On iN - Noisy environments are no longer a challenge with the Roger On iN!
  • PartnerMic - Place the microphone in front of a distant speaker to follow what is being said. The PartnerMic also helps you understand your travel companion when there is noise on the road.
  • Roger Select - The Roger Select can be used as a directional microphone during group calls. In addition, receiving audio signals is possible with the additional microphone.

Phonak Slim Technology Levels

The Phonak Slim is available in four technology levels: basic - the 30, standard - the 50, advanced - the 70, and premium - the 90. The choice of technology level depends entirely on what you expect from your hearing aid on a technical level. Below is an overview of the features that are included in each technology level.

Phonak Slim 30

Already in this basic version, speech understanding at volume is ensured. In addition, feedback noise is avoided and there is an option for tinnitus treatment. You can also look forward to a music program, as well as the setting option of four hearing programs. Compatibility with additional accessories is also already covered with the Phonak Slim 30.

Phonak Slim 50

The Phonak Slim 50offers more comfort at volume and an increased level of natural sound experience compared to the 30. Furthermore, the DuoPhone function is integrated. When you hold your phone to your ear, its sound is automatically streamed through your hearing aids on the opposite side. This allows you to hear the speaker in both ears and experience improved speech understanding.

Phonak Slim 70

The next highest version of the Phonak Slim, the Phonak Slim 70 is particularly impressive with its 360° function. This ensures that the direction from which the sound comes is detected and automatically streams this also over the opposite side. Thus, a comprehensive listening comprehension is conditioned. In addition, the 70 also holds up in situations where the volume is very significantly increased. Tap Control is also included from this technology level - by tapping on your hearing aid, you can stop music or answer calls.

Phonak Slim 90

As the premium version of the Phonak Slim, the Phonak Slim 90 can be seen! In addition to all the features already mentioned, you can expect the highest hearing comfort and the best speech understanding of all versions. By Echo Block is complementary hearing in reverberant environments guaranteed. Not even driving noise on long car rides can limit your hearing if you trust the 90.

Phonak Slim Colors

The Phonak Slim is available in the following colors: silver/black, copper/black, silver/black, graphite/black, sandalwood/black.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Oliver Jepp
Everything super

Received advice and adjusted. Perfect so far.

Margrit Lage
Good devices, but not suitable for me

I had to send the hearing aids back because I wear glasses and they are annoying and also cause painful protruding ears.

Helmut Stiegler
Sympathetic and competent

Beratung und Verkaufsgespräch sehr angenehm.
Lieferung zuverlässig.
Erstanpassung vorbildlich.

Rupert Binder
Phonak 'Slim Lumity 90

I can only recommend MySecoundEar, from the initial contact to the order, delivery and fine-tuning in Munich, everything went perfectly. The Slim Lumity 90 are exactly the right hearing aids for me, I can hear well even in noisy environments. The rechargeable batteries usually last for two days and I don't have to keep buying/disposing of batteries. In normal noise environments, I usually turn down the volume by two levels, which may be possible to fix with the remote setting already agreed. I currently only use the Phonak app to check the battery status. The price and the reviews were, of course, the main reason for me to look into MySecondEar beforehand and also to buy there. Many thanks to the team and keep up the good work.

Hamid Reza Pezeshgi
Delivery Phonak L-90 Slim

The order was carried out on time and in accordance with the order.

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